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Golf activities for beginners.

Family Golf Activities - Time Together An adult female in a grey jumper and blue coat is laughing on the golf course. A young girl in a purple Girls Golf Rocks polo shirt is holding her junior club across her chest. A male adult golfer in a red jumper shares a joke with a male golfer in a blue jumper on the golf course. Junior Boys Golf - A young boy in a purple jumper is holding his junior golf club.
Golf is truly a game that's perfect for everyone! We totally get that it can be a bit nerve-wracking for newcomers. No worries, though!

Find an activity and book

We’ve got you covered with all the essentials, from figuring out what to wear and what to pack in your golf bag, to mastering your swing and learning the lingo.

We’ve gathered some super helpful content and resources just for beginner golfers, so you’ll be ready to rock the course and up your game in no time! Just remember, the golf community is super supportive, so embrace the adventure and have a blast!

Getting Started

A group of friends on the golf course with 3 sat on a bench and an adult woman swinging her golf club towards the ball.

Beginner’s guide

We have put together a beginner’s guide which you can take with you on the go when you’re starting to take up the game of golf!

View the beginners' guide Beginner’s guide
A group of women golfers on the golf course enjoying spending time together walking and holding their women's gold clubs.

Learn the basics

We know that getting started can be an overwhelming task. We’ve put together what you need to know from the very basics.

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