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You’ve got to know potential new audiences and how you could communicate with them, you’ve selected which groups offer the biggest opportunity for your facility, decided on participation activities to run, and put a planning framework in place to launch your new campaigns.

Before you kick off here are some top tips to help make your marketing efforts a success.

Add your sessions to our booking platform

Clubs and facilities can add their programmes and courses to our Get into Golf booking platform quickly and easily.

By adding your sessions onto the platform, you’ll ensure that beginners in your local area will be able to discover the courses you’re putting on.

Let us know Add your sessions to our booking platform
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Word of mouth

We know that many new players know someone who has or is playing the game. Get to know your members – perhaps there are teachers, local business managers or charity workers – and think about how they could play a role in spreading the word within the community.

Get in on the noticeboard!

Promote your activities for newcomers on your own noticeboard, in your newsletters and emails and via banner ads on your website linking to your beginners page. Also think about a scheme to reward members who recommend new players to attend Get into Golf sessions.

Research your audience

For each activity ask yourself where this audience are most likely to come across the information. For example, with golf lessons for kids during the school holidays, explore where parents will look when searching for ideas.

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