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Ready to dive into the world of golf? Join PGA professional Alex MacGregor on an exciting five-week journey to the golf course.

Discover the incredible social, physical, and mental benefits of golf as Alex introduces our five-week programme. Start your journey today!

Lower your score in no time by mastering the art of putting. Learn the techniques that will transform your game on the green.

From chip and run to high shots with sand wedges or lob wedges, become a pro at the short game and nail those tricky shots around the green.

Take your iron shots to the next level. Learn the secrets of half swings and full swings to improve your accuracy and distance.

Unleash the power in your drives. Master the driver and discover how to add more distance and control to your tee shots.

Congratulations on reaching the final session! After just four weeks, find out what to expect when you step onto the course for the first time. Get ready for an incredible golfing experience!

Join us on this exciting journey and get into golf in just five weeks. Start now and watch your game soar!

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