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What’s in the bag?

You don’t need to buy a full set of clubs to begin with. Here are four key clubs that will get you round the golf course when you first start.

The key equipment...

These are the longest clubs in the bag and designed to hit the ball the furthest. The woods are made up of:

DRIVER – this is the longest club in the bag and used at the start of a hole such as a par 4 or par 5 to hit the golf ball a long way down the fairway.

FAIRWAY WOODS – these can be a 3 wood, 5 wood, 7 wood or rescue and are designed to hit the golf ball from the fairway to the green over longer distances.

These start generally from a 3 iron and go up to a 9 iron. The lower the number on the iron the longer the shaft and ability to create more speed to hit the ball further. The higher number irons have more tilt/loft and are designed to hit the ball higher in the air, but for a shorter distance.

These clubs are used when the golf ball hasn’t quite made it to the green. These are shorter clubs with a lot of loft and won’t go as far as the irons. These clubs are designed for shorter shots higher in the air to maybe get over a bank or bunker and to get the ball to stop quickly on the green.

This is a flat faced club designed to roll the golf ball along the green and into the hole.

A tee is used only on the tee box so is only used for the first shot on each hole. Use a longer tee if you are hitting a longer club (driver or wood) and a shorter tee if you are hitting a shorter club (iron).

Placed behind the golf ball when on the green. Used if your ball needs to be cleaned or if your ball is in the way of someone else’s ball obstructing their putt.

Used to repair any indentations (pitch marks) that your ball makes when it lands on the green. This helps keep the greens nice and flat for everyone to putt on.

Used for keeping score when playing a round of golf.

Helps to grip better onto the club. Used on top hand when gripping onto the club.

A beginner’s guide to golf

Find out what you need to carry in your golf bag for an enjoyable round of golf.

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